Prevent-Plus announces the launch of DuraDerm SPORT

St. Louis, MO (January 7th, 2021)  Prevent-Plus, LLC. today announced the launch of DuraDerm SPORT. For the first time, athletes, athletic trainers, coaches and parents will have access to this advanced wound care polymer, now available over the counter.  

Athletes of all levels and abilities have this in common – the need for injury prevention, treatment and recovery. DuraDerm SPORT is a new FDA cleared non-antibiotic microbicidal liquid polymer that actively kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses (all pathogens) on contact, forms a flexible, organic and durable film barrier that protects the wound from water, dirt, and germs and promotes optimal healing and recovery by lowering the pH of the wound bed.

“DuraDerm SPORT is very relevant today for all athletes and athletic trainers in that it provides athletes a non-antibiotic, triple action wound care product: it eradicates all pathogens on contact, seals and protects the wound and promotes faster healing,” said Ed Kelly, Head Athletic Trainer at Cornell University.

“We are excited to bring a product that was previously only available in a hospital setting directly to athletes, athletic trainers, and parents who need the most cutting-edge medical technology for protection from skin infections like MRSA and accelerated wound healing,” said Brad Chartrand, CEO of DuraDerm SPORT.

About Prevent-Plus

Prevent-Plus, LLC. is a provider of innovative infection prevention polymer science used by professional healthcare providers and patients for wound care, infection prevention, and optimized healing across a wide range of clinical applications and specialties.