Advanced wound care for athletes and athletic trainers

DuraDerm SPORT is the ONLY liquid bandage clinically proven to kill all microbes, prevent infection and promote optimal healing

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A professional triathlete's road to recovery

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DuraDerm SPORT is microbicidal

What does microbicidal mean?

DuraDerm SPORT kills bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact

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DuraDerm SPORT is ideal for use on

Blister prevention, Blister management, Cuts and abrasions, Scars, Post sutures, Turf burn, Fungal infections, MRSA risk prevention, Raspberries

Seals and protects the wound

Creates a flexible, non-odorous, waterproof seal to protect the wound from debris and sweat

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Kills all microbes

DuraDerm SPORT eradicates all bacteria, fungi and viruses within 5 seconds

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