Athletes are at increased risk for skin injuries and infection


DuraDerm SPORT is the only advanced wound care polymer that KILLS all microbes on contact, SEALS and PROTECTS the wound while creating the optimal HEALING environment

Matt Russell, Professional triathlete, DuraDerm SPORT Brand ambassador

NEW Advanced wound care for athletes and athletic trainers


Actively kills viruses, fungi and bacteria on contact​

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seals and protects

The flexible film barrier protects the wound from infection​

Hunter, Chronic fungal infections

Optimizes healing

Lowers the pH of the wound bed, creating an optimal healing environment​

"I have personally used DuraDerm SPORT myself and love the results. Great product!”

Ed Kelly, Cornell University Head Athletic Hockey Trainer​

kills mrsa on contact

kills fungus on contact

kills viruses on contact


Fungal infection
before / after
Second degree burns
before / after
before / after
Infected non-healing cut
before / after
Scar healing
before / after
Fungal infection
before / after
Scar healing
before / after
Post surgical healing
before / after
Dermatophytes (fungal infection)
before / after
Eczema flare-ups
before / after
Post suture healing
before / after

Designed for elite performance







DuraDerm SPORT users


Kills MRSA on contact

Kills Staph on contact

Kills bacteria on contact

Kills fungus on contact

Kills viruses on contact

Fungal infection prevention

Blister prevention

Blister management

Eczema prevention

Cuts and scrapes


Turf burn

Athlete’s foot


Road rash

Heal fissures

Sports acne flare-ups

Skin irritations

Minor burns

Scar healing

Scar reduction

Post sutures

Tattoo aftercare

Post tattoo removal

Brad Chartrand is the CEO of DuraDerm SPORT.

“My goal is to provide cutting-edge products designed for athletes of all ages, backgrounds and ability. DuraDerm SPORT is a much needed skin and wound care innovation to help athletes, athletic trainers and parents protect and heal skin injuries.”

Brad Chartrand is the CEO of DuraDerm SPORT. He was a professional hockey player for the LA Kings in the NHL, followed by a career in the medical device industry focused on Operating Room products that provide patient care and wellness.