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DuraDerm SPORT is clinically proven to PREVENT INFECTION and PROMOTE HEALING

Features and benefits

Prevents infection

Actively kills viruses, fungi and bacteria on contact​, including MRSA

Seals and protects

The flexible film barrier protects the wound from infection​

Optimizes healing

Lowers the pH of the wound bed, creating an optimal healing environment​

Contains no antibiotics

FDA Cleared

Our DuraDerm SPORT Teammates

kills mrsa

kills staph


Fungal infection
before / after
Second degree burns
before / after
before / after
Infected non-healing cut
before / after
Scar healing
before / after
Fungal infection
before / after
Scar healing
before / after
Post surgical healing
before / after
Dermatophytes (fungal infection)
before / after
Eczema flare-ups
before / after
Post suture healing
before / after

Designed for elite performance







Prevent infections and promote healing

+ Blister prevention

+ Blister management

+ Cuts and scrapes

+ Abrasions

+ Turf burn

+ Chaffing

+ Road rash

+ Heal fissures

+ Skin irritations

+ Minor burns

+ Post surgical incisions

Brad Chartrand is the CEO of DuraDerm SPORT.

“My goal is to provide cutting-edge products designed for athletes of all ages, backgrounds and ability. DuraDerm SPORT is a much needed skin and wound care innovation to help athletes, athletic trainers and parents protect and heal skin injuries.”

Brad Chartrand is the CEO of DuraDerm SPORT. He was a professional hockey player for the LA Kings in the NHL, followed by a career in the medical device industry focused on Operating Room products that provide patient care and wellness.