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FDA cleared—from hospitals to the outdoors

The Only Liquid Bandage Proven to Prevent Infection

DuraDerm SPORT

The only liquid bandage that kills viruses, fungi and bacteria on contact, seals and protects the wound and promotes faster healing

Prevents infection and promotes healing

Blister prevention | Blister management | Cuts and scrapes | Abrasions | Turf burn | Chaffing | Road rash | Heal fissures | Skin irritations | Minor burns | Post surgical incisions

Designed for elite performance

FDA cleared | Non-antibiotic | Elastomeric | Odorless | Water-resistant | Organic | Biodegradable


Actively kills viruses, fungi and bacteria on contact, including MRSA and staph


Seals the wound from dirt and contaminants


The flexible film barrier protects the wound and stimulates healing


Lowers the pH of the wound creating an optimal healing environment

Fungal irratation
Day 1 / Day 2 / day 3 / day 5 / day 7
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injury Day 10 prior to using product / day 1 / day 7 / day 14 / day 21
Being an elite youth hockey player, the constant sweat and friction on his back was causing severe acne. DDS was applied after showering and the redness of the area subsided within days.
Non-healing wound
Day 1 / Day 7
Scar healing
before / after
Non-healing wound
Day 1 / Day 7
Scar healing
before / after
Post surgical healing
Day 1 / day 7 / day 14
Meet dennis and hear his story
Dermatophytes (fungus)
before / after
Eczema flare-ups
Day 1 / Day 3 / day 7 / day 9
Read Erin's story
Post suture healing
before / after
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DuraDerm SPORT Teammates

Brad Chartrand is the CEO of DuraDerm SPORT.

“My goal is to provide cutting-edge products designed for athletes of all ages, backgrounds and ability. DuraDerm SPORT is a much needed skin and wound care innovation to help athletes, athletic trainers and parents protect and heal skin injuries.”

Brad Chartrand is the CEO of DuraDerm SPORT. He was a professional hockey player for the LA Kings in the NHL, followed by a career in the medical device industry focused on Operating Room products that provide patient care and wellness.

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