The ONLY liquid bandage proven to promote
faster healing and quicker recovery time.

DuraDerm SPORT—Advanced Wound Care for Athletes and Athletic Trainers


+ Actively kills all bacteria, fungi, and viruses on contact

+ Liquid bandage seals and protects the injury or wound

+ Flexible film barrier is waterproof, durable, and non-odorous

+ Promotes faster healing and quicker recovery

DuraDerm SPORT is ideal for use on:

Blister prevention, Blister management, Cuts and abrasions, Scars, Post sutures, Turf burn, Fungal infections, MRSA risk prevention and Raspberries


+ Professional Triathlete

+ DuraDerm SPORT Brand Ambassador

+ Scar healing, blisters, saddle sores, and chafing

“I had a major accident back in 2017 at the Ironman World Championships in Kona. DuraDerm SPORT has helped heal my scars tremendously. I also use DuraDerm SPORT for blisters, saddle sores, and chafing which are very common in my sport” 

—Matt Russell

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