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Surviving in the outdoors

DuraDerm SPORT— the Emergency Solution for treating cuts and wounds

Treating a cut or a wound sustained in the outdoors is not that different from treating a cut at home; the significant difference is the lack of access to First Aid or medical treatment. Ignoring a minor cut or wound could lead to an infection or even death. 


Actively kills viruses, fungi and bacteria on contact, including MRSA and staph


Seals the wound from dirt and contaminants


The flexible film barrier protects the wound and stimulates healing


Lowers the pH of the wound creating an optimal healing environment

Don't let a minor wound turn into a major problem

DuraDerm SPORT is the only non-antibiotic liquid bandage that kills viruses, fungus and bacteria on contact

Seal. Protect. Heal.

DuraDerm SPORT is clinically proven to seal and protect the wound while promoting faster healing

Hospital-grade wound care critical for your first aid kit

DuraDerm SPORT

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