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Professional Triathlete, DuraDerm SPORT Brand Ambassador

Matt Russell

“I had a major accident back in 2017 at the Ironman World Championships in Kona. DuraDerm SPORT has helped heal my scars tremendously. I also use DuraDerm SPORT for blisters, saddle sores, and chafing which are very common in my sport.”

“We have loved the DuraDerm SPORT product here at Cornell University and have had great success using on our ice hockey players. We first used it on a player with a fungal infection on the back of his hand which was not responding to traditional ointments. We applied DuraDerm SPORT for 5 days after practices and games and it worked great. The fungal infection completely disappeared and has not returned. The liquid bandage is easy to use, goes on well and dries quickly. We have used on various other wounds and we learned that it actually helped remove a wart from a gymnast as well! I have personally used DuraDerm SPORT myself and love the results. Great product!”

Ed Kelly, Cornell University Head Athletic Hockey Trainer​

Ed Kelly, Cornell University Head Athletic Hockey Trainer​

“My daughter, who is a swimmer, has used this product many times when she had cuts on her arms and legs to protect her from infection. Pool water can be dangerous for wounds and DuraDerm SPORT worked to prevent infection and speed up the healing process. Highly recommend!”

Annie Schoessel, Haiden’s mom

“By using DuraDerm SPORT throughout the 100 miles, I finished the race without pain and felt significantly less discomfort compared to my previous races.”

George Phillips, Extreme endurance runner

“As a hockey player, I battle with the constant pain of blisters and cuts that never seem to go away. Ever since I started using DuraDerm SPORT I’ve never felt better. After the first time I used this product, I noticed a change immediately and fell in love with it. I recommend this product to anyone who battles with irritation and pain. It’s so easy and effective.”

Will Baginski, Missouri State University Hockey

“We tried a combination of lotions, creams and bandages but nothing worked. DuraDerm SPORT made an immediate difference and we were completely shocked at the results after one week.” 

Kathie Dunne, Erin’s mom

“I took a tumble while racing the Colorado Classic with the 303 Project, and was tasked with cleaning up road rash. I turned to DuraDerm SPORT and was blown away by its simplicity and effectiveness. All I had to do was coat the cleaned wound with the product and in a matter of seconds the wound was sealed, protected and ready to race. Furthermore, I could rest assured that the wound would not get infected as DuraDerm SPORT kills bacteria. No itchy bandages, no painful tape to tear off and no bulk. Wound care couldn’t be easier!”

Austin Stephens, Professional cyclist

“I went down in a crash at the Colorado Classic and had road rash. I used DuraDerm SPORT for the first time and was blown away. I cleaned the wound, covered it up quickly with DuraDerm SPORT and it allowed me to get right back to racing. After the race I was easily able see that my wound was still clean, even while competing in harsh conditions. Amazing stuff!”

Isaiah Newkirk, Professional cyclist

“DuraDerm SPORT is the only topical microbicidal in the marketplace that gives you real results shortly after the first use. As a hockey mom, it’s my go-to for skin irritation to treat and prevent infection. This product treats infections it also sealed the troublesome spots and protected them, so my player could still lace up and hit the ice without any worries. We were pleasantly surprised when an infection cleared near completion after only 4 days of use! This is a highly recommended product!”

Melinda G, Physicians Assistant/Hockey Mom

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