1 revolutionary product. 2 ways to apply.

Why the bottle and sticks? Besides the cost savings, the bottle is essential for your medicine cabinet. The individually wrapped sticks are your “on-the-go” solution for applications and or emergencies.

Why DuraDerm SPORT?

DuraDerm SPORT is FDA cleared

Proven to kill pathogens on contact; including MRSA, Staph and Candida auris

Antibiotic-free; no side effects or resistance

Forms an elastomeric film barrier; expands and contracts with your movement

Clinically proven to protect the area from water, dirt and debris

The film barrier is clear, waterproof, organic, biodegradable; easy to remove with soap and water

Unparalleled protection at home and on the go

DuraDerm SPORT

Why DuraDerm SPORT sticks​?


Individually wrapped

Acute skin injuries or irritations

Sealed and waterproof

Emergency kit necessity

Separate and store in multiple locations

Quick and easy to open and apply

“On-the-go” solution


Why a DuraDerm SPORT bottle?


Ideal for at-home or in-facility use

Recurring or chronic conditions

Useful for larger wounds

Can be applied in multiple ways

Reseal for extended shelf life

Less waste

Three-year shelf life

“During hockey season, I use DuraDerm SPORT every day. I have a bottle in my bathroom and apply it before practice. I also keep a few sticks in my bag for any cuts or scapes during a game”

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DuraDerm® SPORT is a FDA cleared Class I medical device. DuraDerm® SPORT is a non-antibiotic, microbicidal liquid polymer that forms a protective film barrier over the skin. WARNING: For use on minor wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns and scrapes that are clean and dry. Not for use on deep, infected, or puncture wounds. Do not use near eyes or mouth.