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DuraDerm® SPORT is the next evolution in organic wound care for trainers, parents and athletes.

DuraDerm® SPORT is an FDA cleared microbicidal liquid agent that kills bacteria, fungi and viruses (all microbes) on contact and forms an elastomeric film barrier that protects the wound from water, dirt and germs.

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Sport-related skin and soft-tissue infections (SSTIs) can effect the health and careers of athletes at any level, across all sports.

MRSA colonization was found in 8%-31% of all athletes who play a contact sport. Skin trauma/wounds can damage the cutaneous barrier, allowing microorganisms to penetrate deeper layers.

DuraDerm® SPORT is microbicidal — the highest level of protection available! DuraDerm® SPORT seals and protects the wound by creating a flexible, waterproof and non-odorous barrier to promote healing.

DuraDerm SPORT creates a waterproof barrier to promote healing


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