Around 75% of athletes are MRSA carriers

which makes them seven times more likely to have a bacterial infection AND twice as likely to suffer second infection within six months of initial infection

DuraDerm SPORT kills MRSA on contact


Actively kills viruses, fungi and bacteria on contact, including MRSA and staph


Seals the wound from dirt and contaminants


The flexible film barrier protects the wound and stimulates healing


Lowers the pH of the wound creating an optimal healing environment

DDS is proud to be included in the new UFC Performance Institute's Journal, a best practices guide for MMA athletes

"As part of the UFC Performance Institute’s treatment plan, DuraDerm SPORT is a FDA cleared wound care and infection prevention serum application."

Look for us in Section 41: What is a Skin Infection? Viral vs Fungal vs Bacterial (pages 268-269)

From pages 268-269 of the UFC Performance Institute Journal Volume Two

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